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Deploy an end-to-end digital asset trading platform in 20 minutes

Digital Asset and Exberry have teamed up with Baymarkets to add clearing to their end-to-end digital asset exchange platform. For the first time, and with the integration of Baymarkets Clara Clearing System, market participants can register, trade and clear traditional, alternative and digital assets on one integrated platform. Exberry (the exchange technology pioneer), Digital Asset

Digital Asset Shapes Future of Interoperable Applications

With a growing customer base and partner ecosystem, 2020 was a banner year for Digital Asset; our customer base tripled and our partner ecosystem doubled in size.  Daml is an open source smart contract language used by developers to write and deploy full-stack, distributed applications for DLT, blockchain, or databases in days. It is purpose-built

Abstracting Away the Complexities of Blockchain and Smart Contracts

Guest post from Duncan Johnson-Watt, CEO, Blockchain Technology Partners Implementing new technology across the enterprise is a time consuming, complex process and blockchain is no exception to the rule. According to Gartner’s recent “CIO Guide to Blockchain”, only 3 percent of CIOs have a form of live and operational blockchain for their business; however, business leaders are

Interconnected /November

    Unlock your ledger, free your business  The second installment of interconnected sees the second largest stock exchange group in the world choose DAML, the largest virtualization company in the world release their blockchain with support for DAML, a live demo of interoperability across two blockchains and a database, and much more. As the

Digital Asset Demos 4 Key Properties of Interoperability

During the OECD 2020 Global Blockchain Policy Forum, Digital Asset’s CEO ran a live demo showing how to integrate CBDCs across different blockchain and database platforms Speaking at the OECD Blockchain Policy Forum in November, Digital Asset Co-founder & CEO, Yuval Rooz unveiled a new blockchain interoperability protocol that enables applications to seamlessly interact across

Interconnected / September

The not so secret weapon  We’ve been quietly working with companies across the world to help them leapfrog their competition with a tool designed for the job. This month, we welcome SGX, BNP, Temasek, HSBC, oh, and the official blockchain network of China to the DAML ecosystem. There’s only one way to build distributed applications

GBBC Davos 2020 – Blockchain, smart contracts, and sustainability

“Outcompeting Destructive Systems” In Partnership With Odyssey “Driving sustainable growth in the 21st century will require new solutions to replace systems that have contributed to so many contemporary civic and environmental challenges.” In January 2020, Co-Founder and CEO Yuval Rooz spoke at the World Economic Forum in Davos, re. how new technologies and DLT can

Low-code Smart Contracts for the Enterprise with Unibright and DAML

For anyone looking to deploy production grade applications using smart contracts and blockchain, enterprise technology integration remains one of the biggest areas for improvement by far. Unibright and DAML Stefan Schmidt the CTO of Unibright unpacks what his company has done to make DAML easier to deploy in the enterprise. Unibright specializes in the integration of blockchain technology

Committed Settlement: Adoption under UK Law, an analysis by Linklaters

Digital Asset’s Committed Settlement: Adoption under UK Law, an analysis by Linklaters By Charlie Yeh, Assistant General Counsel, Digital Asset In July we wrote a blog about Committed Settlement, a smart contract-based methodology that effortlessly and near instantaneously creates control accounts on a distributed ledger.  Control accounts have been used for decades to hold collateral from a

Blockchain’s Immutability Could Hold-up in Bankruptcy

Committed settlement, a patent-pending methodology introduced by  Digital Asset , could present a way to make financial transactions immutable By Charlie Yeh, Assistant General Counsel, Digital Asset When Blockchain Immutability Meets Bankruptcy “Immutable” is a term that is frequently used when people talk about blockchain and the benefit of using this technology for record-keeping. Blockchain

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